Saturday, November 20, 2010

the second time.


Nikmat Islam dan iman itu nikmat terindah dalam hidup. Tapi, menurut pandangan saya, nikmat mendapat kasih sayang Allah itu juga indah. Dengan kasih sayang Allah lah, Allah beri kita nikmat Islam dan iman. No doubt.

Indeed,greatest gift in one’s life is getting Allah’s love. That is how life would be more meaningful. insyaAllah.

dear readers,

You can never find someone who can stand you the way you are, won’t push you away though how rude you are, give you everything that you are in need or so in need, or probably, He will always gives you everything although you might break your promises to meet Him five times in a day. You are late in your appointment to meet Him five times daily. In consequence, so bad, your heart is not really there when He is just so close to you. Your minds wanders away while your lips moving saying such and such to Him. He knows that you are not even understands what you are saying to Him five times a day, yet, when you have the liberty to ask something from Him at the end of the appointment, He is still willing to hear you and consider your wish. Ah, how ignorant we can be. How rude we can be. Allah is always with us huh. So bad, sincerity is not a good companion to heart.

See, Allah's love is unconditional. You can even reflect this in your real life. Only those, yes only, who really really love you can stand you though how annoying and bad your attitude, habits and antics. Thanks to Him if you can still feel Him in your heart. To feel His loves, to feel guilty when you are doing wrong, to feel thankful for whatsoever gift He gives, to feel bad when you lose your temper, to feel calm when you read the Quran, to feel and able to sense the world, to worry when you are so ignorance and lose your sensitivity towards ibadah and good deeds.

"dan jika kamu menghitung-hitung nikmat Allah, niscaya kamu tidak dapat menentukan jumlahnya. sesungguhnya Allah benar-benar maha pengampun lagi maha penyayang" (an-Nahl : 18)

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