Sunday, May 30, 2010

sweet apple is not really by a red colour


Bro Swobri: guess which country i came from.
me : uh? u look like a middle eastern.em, Saudi?
Bro Swobri: no.i give u another 4 chance. if correct,yeah,i'll give u RM10
me : oh.really? ok.palestine?
Bro Swobri: no.u wrong.try harder.

(10 minutes later..)

Bro Swobri: give in? haha.
me : im still thinking.sabr..egypt?
Bro Swobri: wrong.
me : Sudan?
Bro Swobri:1 chance.1 chance more...
me : Jordan?
Bro Swobri: yes! save my 10's Kenya.
me : haaa? u didn't look like an African.
Bro Swobri: it's because my parents are from Yemen.
me :

nota-kaki: pssst, imah ngan nadz, i wish bro Swobri will be ur lecturer next sem.peace!! peace

moon and stars are brighter than yesterday


mengenali kalian,
itu membahagiakan.

-masyitah sulaiman-

Sunday, May 16, 2010

birds fly, fish swim


warning !
this is non-beneficial content.

wouldn't it be nice to simply point a finger in an empty room and poof!! ,whatever it is you asked for is suddenly manifested? life is not that easy hmmm,,

Sunday, May 2, 2010