Friday, October 1, 2010

sweet greenpeas.


  • for today and tomorrow, i will give glory to Allah as Allah always walks with me and watching me with countless blessings. He gave the chance for me to breath and feel the wind. the beautiful scenes and people. to read law as i need to strives for the best in making a better future. a future for my family. and a future for my future family insyaAllah. meet friends and learnt from them.
  • for today and tomorrow, i want to thanks umi and ayah for loving me as they do. growing up isn't easy. and i'm sure that there were times when they wondered what spaceship dropped me off. thank you for seeing me through all the tough times and the unconditional love as well. i love you both!
  • for today and tomorrow, i will be happy. Abraham Lincoln once said, "most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be". happiness is a matter from within. it is not a matter of externals. if it is so, then its never last longer.
  • for today and tomorrow, i will strengthen my mind and learn something useful everyday and everytime i walks through time. i will make use the brain Allah grants me to think with effort and concentration. may i be a person which praise and thanks Him all the time.
  • and i'll be unafraid. unafraid to face this hard life, to enjoy what is beautiful and to love and has mercy. to believe those i love.

with love,

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