Friday, September 24, 2010

a cup of hot black tea.


Allah grant me the serenity to accept all things in life i can't change, to have the courage to change the things i can and grab the wisdom to realise how different it would be.

i am a big girl with big dreams. it comprised all together like a complete cup of hot black tea with the lovely aroma. i believe that each of us is unique. yes, in our own way. when we came into this world, we were given the talents, intelligence and conscience to guide us in the right direction and an opportunity to use all these just how we want to use them. there is no one who can take this right away from us. (in an exception, obligation to follow the fitrah and syara'. based on revelation of Quran and sunnah of course)

i can become whatever i choose to become and so do you. when i do things that i don't like, i don't like myself for having done them. sometimes, the thought came. in a nice way saying i can't be good at all time or i can't be perfect at all time. it's true right? but, yes. it's our responsibility to correct things which are wrong as soon as possible and get back on the straight and narrow path of being a better part of me. or a better part of your owns. as Allah has mention in His book of guidance, al-Quran that he create us as the most perfect creation. you are the traveller of your life. choose the journey which brings you to the right destination. insyaAllah, Allah is always on our side.

being successful and happy are all kin to each another. oh. and being rich too. rich is not all about money. you can even be the richer man on the earth but still as poor as a mouse for if you are not happy what good does with all the money you owned. life is like water i might say. we seek our own level. being successful both in this life and hereafter is within the reach of us all. we are today because of the sum total of the choices we made up to this point in our lives. if we really want to do something, than yeah, follow the formula and all the ingredients. it might takes some time. just remind yourself to keep the istiqamah and doa together with tawakal. there is a way. it will always has a way. believe and keep the faith. insyaAllah.



awin said...

uhuy, the best post i might say!
it really got into me!
it's just that the things u say here really have connection within me.

langittasbih said...


uh?the best post?what bout before?
nahh! no lah.. it's never been the best.. coz not everything spill out when kaklong did this..

ur welcome!
then, this one is special for u as it got into u..

uhuyyy awin,,this is just a little drop of learning.


langittasbih said...

to: orang yg namanya zulaikha azwin.

eh,eh,,sudah update blog ye..




awin said...

since i'm home for these three days, i should use this time efficiently,right?
the older post also good, but this is the best, it's a bit like a motivational words.
hehe, bagus eh? awin mmg bagus, wakaka :p

langittasbih said...