Friday, April 23, 2010

when rainbow dish out


It took me a whole lot of effort not to just stand up and walk away.
Obviously you would have known that a long time ago. The focus goes with the waves, up, down, up, down. At times it gets volatile, the motion gets rather rough, and you're left wondering. Well, most of the times. learning is a part of my life. and i'm thankful for everything ar-Rahman gave me as a pinjaman sementara. final exam result was came out last 4 days.and.and, alhamdulillah for the Dean's list.and, im not dreaming. =)



chaa lg ^^ said...

alhamdulillah!!!~ tahniah kpd kakak sy yg seorng nih.. mmg kuat berusaha!

tintamujahidah said...


terima kasih chaa syg..
awak pon..
mari kite usaha kuat-kuat!
haiyaaaa!!(ni ninja style tau)