Friday, April 23, 2010

did you hear me?


the great thing about holiday is i often forget to blog. i'm too lazy to switch on the laptop plus holiday means my body need rest..also because my holiday usually are keep busy with me either sleeping without limitation, chauffeuring my only sister to do our shopping when money is like berkepuk-kepuk (normally window shopping and we did lots of books+novels+magazines-shopping) haha, and bla..bla..


holiday doesn't means bermalas-malasan for every single seconds until the end. the fact is it doesn't. starting from the last nearly 4 weeks of holiday i only staying at my home (ayah's house is mine too kan?) hehe,for about 5-6 days until today. uh-oh, im staying at my aunt's house and, and being a great nurse to my old granny in Kelantan. =).she's sick the age of 97, the possibility is bigger right.and, and she keep telling me signs and more signs that yeah you-know-what..that she's going to go from us far far away as she said she has another life waiting.huhu.sedihnye..

and im just arrived from kelantan last two days ago.and i'm thinking of going back visit my granny again soon..

so,yes people. testing..testing 1 2 3..
i'm coming! haha XD


cha'a said...

afiqah mohamad ashari here prays for your and your family health and safety always.

and i miss you. and your writing.

omg. kak. mcm bru holiday je taw.
xwat short sem ehh?

tintamujahidah said...

chaa! tq..tq...TQ!
kak miss u too tau.
haha..tau xpe.bru holiday lah nie. tapi x pe kot.hehe..

oh.pasal short sem.kak nk wat. tapi x dapat nak add lah. semua subject and sections full. huhu.. terpaksalah tunggu..