Saturday, October 31, 2009


mummy's handwriting.she loves to call me kimmotte. =)

the card. =)

dear kimi,

"absence makes the heart grow fonder"...not necessarily when someone is no longer around, he/she will be forgotten... i'm so happy we've met, shared some time together, (some happy experience together !) too bad it was so brief. good luck kimi... be strong ! i know you'll face a lot of challenge/ conflicts/ obstacles. so, please be strong. ok! please remember, if you need advice or someone to talk to, just ring me or sms. i would never turn you away...

p/s- you know i care. right?

lots of love,

mummy herlina helmi.


i do this by copying what had mummy wrote in her it or not, it makes me sad though. i'm sinking into tears. feeling like crying. this card that i've kept all this while remind me of those days that i'll never forget.

mummy herlina.

i miss you so much lah !

p/s: i don't know why i keep thinking of her these lately.she's my ibu angkat.the one and only.

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13490 said...

Teacher herlina...the nice teacher...of all...