Sunday, May 16, 2010

birds fly, fish swim


warning !
this is non-beneficial content.

wouldn't it be nice to simply point a finger in an empty room and poof!! ,whatever it is you asked for is suddenly manifested? life is not that easy hmmm,,


chaa said...

when chaa met kak that day my life was crashing down,

rse tenang. tq, kak.

honestly, i'm starting to forget how to be happy. :(

langittasbih said...

chaa? lorhh,,
nape nie..
ade pape kongsi la dgn kak,,
kak wlcome u with open arms..

kak teruja betul jumpa chaa aritu.
lame kan tak nampak..

sori lah chaa syg,,
kak ter-peluk chaa kuat sgt,,
smpai chaa ckp 'adoii'

rinduuu kamooo!

cha'a said...

mnede kuat. skng dh xde dh org peluk kite.