Saturday, January 30, 2010

poetry in pottery.


sometimes we walk the path of another
not because we dare not blaze a trail of our own,
but because in their legacy we may perhaps find our own.
sometimes we speak the words of another
we act the reflection of another,
not because we have no words of our own
not because the soul is empty
but because they must be remembered.


cha'a said...

kte respect org yg view poetry in a different angle.. coz it's juz the matter of putting words beautifully.. nice job! kte nk try analyze poem ni leh? (being BENL-wise) xD

tintamujahidah said...

but im not dat good in putting words beutifully..
sometimes rse x kena jer with we might understand it differently with othrs yg read kan.

of course u can.
ur job maa!! XD
go BENL studnt!