Saturday, September 12, 2009

picture paints my words.

think to put your picture
quite long time ago..
never mind do you?
already asked your permission right.. =)
sometimes its hard to say.
whatever it is.
thanks for being such a good.a very very good
friend of mine..
lending your ears to hear me mumbling
shed my tears
hug me when im tired
gave me those strength
which i borrowed it from you.
i gonna miss you
for sure
your voice the most
and your small eyes when you're smiling
and you know what?
knowing you was the most precious
gift i ever got
its not about want to be so drama queen
or soft-sensitive heart
im just proud to know you.
masyitah sulaiman.
what is friend?
its you!

1 comment:

wardatullah said...

love u fillah.. i,m proud to be ur dear ukhti akrimi... dah lama nk tgok blog kak...